Who are the Quoted Experts?

​Dr. Michael Holick

​He’s the biggest expert on Vitamin D. He has been researching it for more than 40 years. He is author of more than 400 publications in numerous fields of medicine. Plus he is the author of: “The Vitamin D solution“. He was the first to develop how to measure Vitamin D3 in the blood. Amongst other things he helped determine right dosage for Vitamin D. More info at: http://drholick.com/

Dr. Robert Heaney

Before his passing he was considered the lead scientist in the field of Osteoporosis. He was researching both Calcium and Vitamin D. He has set up the dosage of Calcium for daily intake. He has authored 400 publications and three books. He was the go to person when Calcium and Vitamin D was involved.

Carol Baggerly

She is the head of GrassrootHealths. Her organization goal is to increase Vitamin D levels in the population. It’s the biggest Vitamin D intervention ever made. GrassrootHealths is running a number of major public health projects such as Breast Cancer Prevention Project, Protect our Children Now (increase Vitamin D levels in all pregnant women). More info at: https://grassrootshealth.net/

​Dr. James Dowd

​He’s the founder of Arthritis Institute of Michigan. ​Based on his 20+ years of experience in the field of medicine he has​​​ authored the book called: “The Vitamin D Cure”. Thanks to his expertise he is helping people to live better lives. More info at: https://www.drjamesdowd.com/

​Dr. John Bergman

He’s a Chiropractor based in California. He runs “Bergman Family ​Chiropractic”. He routinely sees hundreds of patients every week. He also has his own Youtube channel. Every week he is teaching thousands of people on best ways to have optimal health. More info at: http://www.bergmanchiropractic.com/

​Dr. Alan Mandell

​He is also known as the motivational doc on Youtube. ​​​He regularly posts on his channel about optimal health. He is usually sharing hacks and shortcuts on how to get the body working faster and better. By watching his channel you can learn many surprising things about your body. More info at: http://motivationaldoc.com/