What causes Vitamin D deficiency?

The lack of adequate sunshine leads to Vitamin D deficiency

Vitamin D is used by the body in many of its functions.

If there’s a lack of supply certain illnesses show up in the body.

Why do we suffer from Vitamin D deficiency?

Because we don’t spend enough time in the sun.

The typical day looks like this: commuting (car, bus, subway) then working inside a building and commuting back home.

To create Vitamin D the body needs UVB radiation. This is only available in direct sunshine. Sadly glass blocks it out completely. The skin needs to be exposed so enough is created.

Our ancestors have been out in the sun all day long. They were either hunting and gathering or working on the fields. After the industrial revolution everything changed.

Most people have moved too poorly lit cities and started showing the initial signs of vitamin D deficiency.

In most northern countries there’s no UVB radiation during the winter months.

Plus nobody is exposing much skin in -10 degree weather no matter how strong the sun is shining.

The good news is Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin. This means the excess is stored in the fat cells. When the fat is burned the D3 is released.

The body needs a constant source of D3 because it plays an important role in our well​  being.

The body uses D3 on a regular basis this is why it needs to be supplemented if we’re not in the sun.