How to get Vitamin D?

Sun is the best source for Vitamin D

There are four ways to get Vitamin D.

The first and the natural option is to be out in the sun. A good rule of thumb to follow is if your shadow is shorter than your height then you are exposed to enough UVB.

UVB is radiation creates Vitamin D3 in the skin.

You need to be in direct sunlight without sunscreen for a few minutes every day exposing big portion of skin.

The second way is with the help of certain foods. Both animals and plants create vitamin D. If you are eating the right things you can supplement your daily needs.

As I went through the research I’ve noticed that yes some foods contain Vitamin D but they are minimal at best. The highest source of Vitamin D can be found in cod liver oil.

It doesn’t taste any different. You need a strong stomach to swallow it. There are certain fish that are high in Vitamin D but you need to get wild caught and not farm raised ones.

Last but not least you can get it from fortified foods such as milk and cereal.

The third way to get Vitamin D is with supplements. There are different ways to supplement as well: chewable, drops, pills and gel caps.

Chewable vitamin D is mostly for kids. Sadly it contains a lot of sugar so I’ve ignored it completely.

Drops are great especially for babies. 

It’s easy to administer if the baby is cooperating and the drops fall when they needed (this hardly happened with my daughter in the early months).

Pills and gel caps are the same. They have the same absorption rates. I prefer to take gel caps because pills always get stuck in my throat.

The last way to supplement is with the help of special lamps. These lamps or “tanning beds” emit a certain Ultraviolet radiation. This has to be UVB. This is the only one in the spectrum that creates the vitamin D3 that our body needs.

These are the sources through which you can increase your Vitamin D3.